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Placa Mãe 462 - Mother Soket A 7VM333M-RZ

XXX - Fora de Linha - XXX Placa Mãe 462 - Mother Soket A
Gigabyte - Lajeado Informática

Esta placa mãe está fora de linha

Supports AMD Athlon™ XP 333MHz FSB processor
Supports high performance DDR333/266 memory
Integrated UniChrome™ graphics engine
Integrated high quality 6-channel AC'97 audio
Provides 6 USB 2.0 ports for high-speed connectivity
Integrated Ethernet 10/100Mb Network Connection

7VM333M-RZ is new generation all-in-one solution for latest AMD Athlon XP processor. Equipped with VIA UniChrome KM266 Pro chipset and plenty of features, 7VM333M-RZ series delivers a full-function platform with excellent performance. The VIA KM266 Pro chipset integrates the UniChrome 2D/3D graphics core with MPEG-2 acceleration for excellent multimedia performance and complete flexibility on the desktop. The chipset North Bridge exchanges data with the CPU through a flexible and ultra fast Front Side Bus at speeds of up to 333MHz, and features an AGP4X controller for graphics upgrades. The KM266 Pro also supports a complete range of DDR memory speeds, including DDR200/266/333. In addition, the USB 2.0 and 6-channel audio are equipped to provide a complete solution for mainstream corporate and consumer desktop systems. 7VM333M-RZ series will definitely represent the best choice of integrated solution for AMD Athlon XP platform now and future.
    RZ Series Motherboard
The RZ motherboard series is founded on the motto of Reliability, Real Performance and Right value (Three R’s) and is dedicated to providing users with a complete featured platform at a very competitive and affordable price.
  Advanced 333 Front-Side Bus Support
This platform supports the highest CPU frequency and system bandwidth for fully utilizing the intense computing power of latest AMD Athlon™ XP processor and providing enhanced system responsiveness.
    DDR333 memory support
With the optimized DDR333 memory support, this platform provides high bandwidth up to 2.7GB/s and high capacity of 2GB with 2 DIMM slots to ensure greatest memory performance.
  Great expandability of 6 USB 2.0 ports
USB 2.0 interface, with data transfer rate up to 480Mbps, 40 times faster than USB1.1, provides a faster interface for computer peripherals.
  High quality 6-channel audio support
Users can experience the 3D surround sound through integrated 6-channel audio. It fulfills the requirements for a variety of audio applications, such as MP3 or Audio CD playback, DVD movies and gaming.
  Ethernet 10/100Mb LAN Network Connection
Provides high-quality 10/100 Ethernet performance for value-minded users who need straight forward network connectivity. Ensure a highspeed, stable solution for new broadband era.
    Norton Internet Security™ Included
Norton Internet Security™ 2004 is the essential protection from viruses, hackers, and privacy threats. It protects user during the online activities such as e-mailing, shopping, banking, and game playing.

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